21 Signs Your Relationship is Out of Spiritual Alignment + How to Grow Beyond It

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21 Signs Your Relationship is out of Spiritual Alighment | www.DivineGoddessCoaching.com

When I first started my spiritual journey, I didn’t have a road map for what might lie ahead. I simply and quietly followed my own natural curiosity. With passing years, the more I aligned with the divinity that was being placed in my heart, the more I realized I was crossing some sort of invisible threshold from who I used to be into whom I was becoming.

SHIFT Happens

There was an internal shift occurring within me. It was like leaving the world that I knew (yet never truly felt that I fit) and leaping into the unknown. I was undergoing a deep metamorphosis and I loved it!

The Metamorphosis

What I did not know, at the beginning of my journey, was that through this process everything would change; like when a caterpillar enters into a cocoon in preparation to become a butterfly. Internally, it felt like a rupture of sorts. Externally, these changes occurred in my relationships with friends.

Changes I Made

I became more conscious about what I ate and from where my food was sourced. I became more aware of the chemicals that I placed on my body and used in my home; committing to a chemical-free life. I changed my conversation to focus and affirm the highest good for myself and others. I refused to participate in gossip, violate vaults of trust, to judge or shame others. I became more compassionate. I began to Ask God to guide my thoughts, words, and actions. I learned to trust my intuition. My definition of friendship and relationships changes. My tolerances changed. And most significantly, I leaned into my spiritual calling and made peace with releasing a career that I was no longer in vibrational alignment with.

The Unraveling

Yet, the more I began to trust and reveal my true self, people that I had known for years, or at least I thought I knew, revealed a different face. There was no acceptance of my spiritual journey. The energetic vibration was dark, dense, judgmental, and in some instances even dangerous. My relationships were out of spiritual alignment and it was painful. People who were once my allies became enemies and I was not prepared for the human fireballs that I would experience.

How the Fireballs were Revealed

  1. Shallow prayers of pity and condemnation (any idea that God’s good will somehow be withheld from you)
  2. Judgement
  3. Criticism
  4. Anger
  5. Ridicule
  6. Threats (any idea that you must respond in a specific way or else)
  7. Exploitation of trust
  8. Violations of confidentiality
  9. Shaming (any thought, word, or action to discredit, dishonor or humiliate you in any way)
  10. Spiritual bullying (any idea of separatism; that another’s religion is better than your spirituality)
  11. Labeling: “You’re crazy!” “You’re irresponsible!” “You’re a snob!,” “You’re delusional!,” “You’re a coward!”
  12. Attempts to “fix” my life
  13. False accusations, lies and deception
  14. Gossip
  15. Attempts to turn others against me
  16. Competition
  17. Sabotage
  18. Punishment (withholding of love, respect, compassion, human connection, understanding, helpful information or anything else that stems from the heart-space)
  19. Minimization (any idea that your spiritual experiences, vision, dreams, intentions, or ideas are invalid, not enough, or not worthy)
  20. Narcissism
  21. Abandonment

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

After time and through God’s grace I was able to recognize that what was occurring in my relationships was not an accident. This shedding of friendships was by divine design and that took some getting used to.

What I learned is that regardless of how a person says or does something to bring the relationship to an end, a pause, or a distance, there is one thing you must understand, all relationships are about vibrational alignment. When you once connected with a person over something specific, and through your spiritual shift, you no longer share that commonality, your relationship may dissolve because you are no longer a vibrational match. This is a painful truth.

Your emotions may feel homeless. The relationship may feel like a loss.

But despite any prevailing appearance of malevolence on behalf of others toward you, nothing is lost on the spiritual journey.

Everyone and every experience is your teacher.

And once you allow yourself to heal from the trauma of it all, what you will find is that in the moments that feel like ultimate betrayal, people show up to reveal (and ultimately project) whatever lack of consciousness, lack of integrity, insecurity, fear, anxiety, and in some instances, mental and emotional instability, conscious or unconscious, that reside within themselves. And in the moment of toxic projection, they are responding to you in the only way their small self (ego) knows how.

Do Not Engage

During these times of egoic projection towards you, Do Not Engage! It is the trap of a lesser vibrational frequency and you do not have to tune in and align with that frequency. Stand in your truth and remain auto-tuned to the Sacred presence of God.


When you emerge awakened, from the whole ordeal, you will have a different prospective on the thoughts, words, actions and behavior of others as well as your spiritual journey.

Seal this in Your Heart Today…

Maybe you’ve answered the call to begin your spiritual journey. Perhaps God has asked you to show up and do something that you’ve never done before. You are in uncharted territory and you may have no point of reference and not a single example in your life to model this new terrain after. Know thisGod chose YOU, and He wants you to lean into your divinity and have unshakable faith!

Here’s how you can

Let go of what no longer serves you; this includes relationships, beliefs, and habits. All human relationships are not meant to last forever. But they are meant to teach us lessons. Learn the lesson and let go. When you do, you will create space to receive and align with people of like-mind; those who mirror your interests, consciousness, and vision.

Release the Need to Judge. Although you and your former friends may look the same, energetically you are very different. Allow their path to be perfect and right for them, just as you accept that your new spiritual journey is perfect and right for you.

Honor your divinity. You no longer have to live with the duality of who you were and who you are becoming. It is safe for You to be your true self. Allow your spirituality to completely envelop you; not something you pick up and put down.

Forgive. Through your spiritual journey and awakened consciousness, forgive the actions of those who betrayed you. This does not mean that you are condoning their behavior or that you have to remain in close proximity and continue to allow them in your inner circle. It simply means that you are no longer willing to carry the gravity of pain in response to their actions.

Nurture yourself. Surround yourself with people who are willing to illuminate your journey and accelerate your spiritual growth. Give yourself permission to require authentic kindness, gentleness, compassion, and respect from those who show up to help you grow.

Understand the Universal Law of Divine Timing. Certain things must occur before your good can come to fruition. Be patient. God and the angels are watching over you through this transition. Trust and Know that everything is working out for your highest good and the right relationships (one’s meant specifically for you) will be delivered in perfect and divine right timing.

About your spiritual journey, begin and continue.

Spirituality changes what and who you are attracted to. It takes courage, spiritual discernment and faith to travel this path. If you received the call, you are being divinely guided. Lean in to your divinity. It is safe to be authentically and beautifully YOU!

Repeat after me…

I AM free to claim my highest good... | www.DivineGoddessCoaching.com

Peace & Abundant Blessings,


About A. Leigh Edwards

As a Life Coach and Energy Practitioner, she works with spiritually-conscious, heart-centered women to teach them how to spiritually align with life-sustaining prosperity, from the inside out. Leigh is best known for helping her clients understand how to unify the physical and metaphysical realms so that they can produce visible, tangible, prosperous results in their lives.

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