21 Traits of an Empath

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If you are reading this, there is no coincidence that you are being guided to learn more about the truth of who you really are and embrace the gifts that God placed within you.

What is an Empath?

In general, an Empath is a person who feels the physical or emotional state of other people or animals, as if they were their own.

For the highly Empathic person, external stimuli (i.e., energetic vibrations, emotions, karma, intense feeling, etc.) can be easily absorbed and unconsciously internalized. From this perspective, being an Empath can feel more like a chore, than a gift.

However, if you learn how to effectively clear, shield, and protect your energy field, it can be a uniquely, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G gift used to help others!

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21 Key Traits of an Empath

If, indeed you are an Empath, you may experience several or all of the following characteristics:

  1. You are loyal, compassionate and nurturing by nature (often to the point of self-sacrifice);
  2. You have a deep connection to nature and the well-being of the Earth;
  3. Animals and children are attracted to you;
  4. You are an excellent listener;
  5. You are highly creative;
  6. People (even strangers) often share their deepest challenges, fears, and secrets with you without consciously intending to do so;
  7. You have an unknowing tendency to absorb and bear the emotions or physical states of other people;
  8. You often suffer from physical or mental fatigue and exhaustion (an accumulation of negative energy);
  9. You may experience many mood swings or emotional states throughout the day;
  10. You are energetically-sensitivity to the physical environment through your subtle senses: clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear hearing (clairaudience), clear smelling (clairalience), clear tasting (clairgustance), clear feeling (clairsentience), and clear knowing (claircognizance);
  11. Because your inner vision allows you to see beyond surface appearances, you are an excellent problem solver;
  12. You crave moments of solitude and require it to recharge your energy;
  13. Crowded places and environments can be very overwhelming and energetically depleting to you;
  14. Environments that hold toxic or strong emotional residue, or negative energetic programs in the fabric of the structure (i.e., attorney offices, court buildings, police stations, prisons, mental hospitals, nursing homes, funeral parlors, etc.), are overwhelming to you;
  15. Witnessing violence, abuse or cruelty, in any form, is unbearable to you;
  16. Interpersonal conflict can be overwhelming to you;
  17. Narcissism, in any form, is intolerable for you;
  18. You are a free spirit and are easily bored; therefore you may find routine, rigidity, control, even a 9 to 5 job claustrophobic;
  19. A cluttered or chaotic environment has a smothering effect on you;
  20. You are a truth seeker and have a strong aversion for deception and manipulation in any form;
  21. Many people do not understand, recognize, or nurture your Empathic gift and erroneously and negatively label you (i.e., shy, introvert, reclusive, disconnected, aloof, loner, moody, etc.).

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Although being an Empath can be challenging and confusing, with the right clearing, shielding and protection, it can be an incredible gift! With awareness of who you truly are, you can refine your gifts, talents and abilities, and use them to heal, guide and protect yourself and others.

If you are ready and willing to learn how to protect your energy, click here.

Peace & Blessings,



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As a Life Coach and Energy Practitioner, she works with spiritually-conscious, heart-centered women to teach them how to spiritually align with life-sustaining prosperity, from the inside out. Leigh is best known for helping her clients understand how to unify the physical and metaphysical realms so that they can produce visible, tangible, prosperous results in their lives.

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