The Best Defense is an Impenetrable Divine Offense

“The best defense is a good offense” is an adage applied in many endeavors. It is also known as the Strategic Offensive principle of war. Any time you feel as if you are being attacked, coerced, manipulated, deceived, judged, falsely accused, condemned, controlled, hindered, blocked, or … [Read more...]

How to Know if You Need a Clearing?

In the coming months, I will be teaching something new. Two courses that I never envisioned I would ever teach, with knowledge I never knew that I would know. In both of these courses, I will be sharing specific details of my spiritual assignment, my unexpected “on the job” training and how I was … [Read more...]

Words to Live By ~ Part IV

I often receive what I call “Divine downloads.” They are messages meant for the highest good of others and I share them on Facebook and Pinterest for all to receive. I trust that each message is a divine delivery and arrives right on time for whomever is willingly to receive. If you see something … [Read more...]

21 Signs Your Relationship is Out of Spiritual Alignment + How to Grow Beyond It

When I first started my spiritual journey, I didn’t have a road map for what might lie ahead. I simply and quietly followed my own natural curiosity. With passing years, the more I aligned with the divinity that was being placed in my heart, the more I realized I was crossing some sort of invisible … [Read more...]

About Self-Love

Original Image Post | God is in the Details To read more about Self-Love Click Here. Peace & Abundant Blessings, … [Read more...]

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