Divine Restoration Prayer Treatment List

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Are you struggling financially?

Does it feel like there is a barrier between you and the energy of money?

Do you approach your finances with dread, instead of optimism?

Then, it is time to employ the power of a prayer circle; there is strength in numbers.

As it pertains to attracting prosperity and abundance, giving is the first step to receiving. The Bible refers to it as ‘sowing and reaping’ or ‘giving and receiving.’ It is based on the cyclical nature of life; as you give, so shall you receive.

Jumpstart the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life by signing up for the Divine Restoration Prayer Treatment List. When you join for $5.00, you will invoke a basic law of prosperity and ‘prime the pump’ to receive a divine increase.

Why should you go through life feeling impoverished while living in a universe that is abundant in all things that are your divine right to enjoy?

When you add your name to the Divine Restoration Prayer Treatment List below, we will treat for 30 days to clear any obstacle to your abundance and divine restoration in your finances, with harm to none.

You will receive an email confirmation along with some divinely inspired affirmations that we ask you to consistently speak 15 times or for 5 minutes each day for the length of your listing.

Each purchase grants one 30-day listing, per person. Therefore, if you would like us to pray for someone other than yourself, please make a separate love offering and complete the form below, in order that we include this person on the Prayer Treatment Healing List as well.

May Divine Restoration take place in your life and may you be prospered, uplifted, and abundantly blessed, under grace.




Peace & Blessings,





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Leigh: Just to let you know-I recently requested prayers from you and your warriors- I requested good results from my scans and tests and glad to report to you, my scans showed the medicine is working, most of the problem areas are gone or greatly diminished. Thank you for all your help.


Knowing that someone else is praying for me helps me to know that I am not alone. Thank you for praying on my behalf. I'm looking forward to the increase!

Camille Bradley

Thank you so much for praying for me. It’s as if I could feel the energy of your words long distance.

June R.


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