Do You Have a Fear of Heights?

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You say you want change but, how many viable opportunities have you passed by because you allowed fear, doubt, your negative inner-critic, and plain-o-stubbornness to keep you from taking action?

Can you think of any opportunity in your past, that looked like you would enjoy the experience, but you passed on it because something inside you kept you from taking action?

Here is an exercise to help you find out where you stand…

Imagine you get a phone call from someone in your inner circle; a close and trusted friend, who ask you if you would like to start a new business together, and that’s all the information your friend would share about it over the phone. What is your initial reaction to this question? Search your heart space deeply, candidly, and honestly before you answer.

1.  Rate your initial honest feelings on a scale from very negative (left) to very positive (right):

TERRIFIED          ANNOYED           INDIFFERENT          INTRIGUED           EXCITED 

2.  What thoughts flow through your mind at the prospect of starting a new venture? Again, be candidly honest with yourself…what  statements do you hear inside your heart and mind?

Take a moment to list them in your journal.

If your response is anything less than positive, how would you respond to your friend’s offer to have lunch and talk more about it? Will you be honest or will you try to spare your friend’s feelings by making excuses? If you choose to meet and learn more about the opportunity, will it be a respectful way to decline the opportunity or will you go because you know you should confront your inner-critic and give yourself the opportunity to make an informed decision?

Write your answer in your journal.

The Real Truth

Whether or not you decide to take your dear friend up on this opportunity is not the challenge here; there are lots of opportunities you should exam and pass on. The real truth is about whether your initial responses to the opportunity are negative, evasive, or chock-full of excuses and doubt before you even know the details and/or potential.  If this is the case, you are mostly likely being held hostage by some internal dialogue of lack, limitation, and scarcity.

So, then the question becomes, what’s holding you back from moving higher; from expanding into greater possibility?

Often times, people know they want change but, have no idea how to enact change in their life. No idea becomes inaction and they live the same day over-and-over for 70 years… dreaming, hoping, and wishing for change.

In order for change to occur you must do something different. You must step outside of your zone of comfort and explore. This is called Active Faith. You see, many of us were taught to pray, but not to “work a plan;” and prayer with no action is NOT faith, it is fear! God never said pray and go sit down and do nothing. So, pray and then Act in Faith

  • Determine a cause that you care about, get involved, and connect with people
  • Find out what’s new in your community
  • Register for that class you’ve been wanting to take
  • Entertain opportunities to explore a new business, career, or relationship

When you take the first step, you will find something along your journey that will bring you into contact with people who do have an idea and a direction. If you start walking, it won’t take long before you cross paths with an idea or an experience that which you align. If you just begin, something that demands your attention will catch your eye.

Here is an affirmative prayer that will help you release your fear of heights: Affirmative Prayer to Remove Obstacles -

Remember the mustard seed (…If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, move; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you – Matthew 17:30).

Don’t allow fear of your imagined inadequacies to hold you back. Remember thoughts are things and energy flows where attention goes.

2013 is your year to expand your vision. This is your year to climb new heights that can take you places you’ve never been.

Affirm this prayer often, make it your daily mantra and keep climbing up. Each step is a step closer to change.

Now, for today, and every day forward, I trust that you will, if it is your true hearts desire, act in faith and use this affirmative prayer to clear every obstacle and align you with pure and right expansion.

And remembering that what you give is what you receive, please share this prayer with everyone you believe will benefit from this message.

And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below, I will respond personally to every applicable message.





Original Chakra Image Courtesy: Celeste Johnston

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As a Life Coach and Energy Practitioner, she works with spiritually-conscious, heart-centered women to teach them how to spiritually align with life-sustaining prosperity, from the inside out. Leigh is best known for helping her clients understand how to unify the physical and metaphysical realms so that they can produce visible, tangible, prosperous results in their lives.

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