Emotional Detox

To the Mind that is still the whole universe surrenders

Everything is energy in motion (including our thoughts and emotions).

Every thought and emotion creates energetic or vibrational waves that send messages throughout the body and into the physical environment in which we live. When we have a repetitive negative or toxic thought, or memory, over time, a disruption occurs in our energetic pattern that pollutes the body and creates conflict in our life experiences. As a result, we feel anxious, paralyzed, trapped, and unable to move forward in life.

Each Emotional Detox Energy Healing session takes approximately one hour to complete via telephone. The outcome of each session is unique for each individual client and the results will depend on the clarity of your intention to release your attachment to the toxic emotions that have been holding you in destructive energetic patterns.

Many clients report feeling major energy shifts during these sessions. As blocked energy rises to the surface and is released, many clients experience intense emotional release in the form of tears, an incredible sense of lightness, relief, freedom, joy, and clarity of mind.

After the initial energy session, additional emotions or memories may arise. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. If this occurs, we will schedule follow-up healing sessions at the interval of your choice. During these sessions, we will discuss any challenging thoughts or emotions that you are ready to release your attachment to and we will proceed to clear the energetic interference.

For a LIMITED TIME, you can book your first Emotional Detox Energy Healing session for only $67.00.

This gentle healing process has been known to:

• Reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety
• Release fears and phobias
• Clear and release the negative emotions behind traumatic memories and events
• Transmute limiting beliefs
• Stimulate forgiveness
• Relieve physical pain
• Liberate your creativity
• Increase your ability to prosper intrinsically and externally — be it emotional, financial, social, physical, psychological, interpersonal, or spiritual

Once your payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation and request to schedule your first session.

Why should you travel through life feeling stressed, obstructed, blocked, hindered, or delayed in any way when you can choose F-R-E-E-D-O-M instead?


Peace & Blessings,


Tears of Joy!

I have had just 3 sessions with Leigh and already I am seeing results. They are little but they are still results and it makes me feel fantastic! During my 3rd session, we did an Energy Clearing exercise and I have to say, I felt soooo good that I wanted to cry tears of joy! The peace and joy that came over me was a little overwhelming as I cannot remember the last time I felt this way. I love this feeling and am so I excited and so very, VERY GRATEFUL I found Leigh. She is a wonderful individual and is all about helping others to manifest their dreams in their lives now.

Peace Be Still!

From the deepest regions of my heart, I want to thank Leigh for sharing this process with me. I came to her broken, anxious, angry, afraid, and quite frankly…stuck. Once the process was complete, I felt (and still feel) an incredible sense of inner peace. It’s as if a ton of weight has been lifted. I am so grateful.

Stephanie L.

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