How to Know if You Need a Clearing?

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In the coming months, I will be teaching something new. Two courses that I never envisioned I would ever teach, with knowledge I never knew that I would know.

In both of these courses, I will be sharing specific details of my spiritual assignment, my unexpected “on the job” training and how I was divinely guided to shield, clear, and protect.

You will also learn:

  • About unseen energetic influences
  • How to determine if they are around, interfering or influencing you, your environment, or someone else
  • How and where you may be vulnerable (in more ways than you can imagine)
  • How to effectively shield, clear, and protect yourself, your loved ones, your property, and your environment
  • And so much more

These teachings are based on my personal experiences. The methods, techniques, rituals, prayers, and practices are specific, thorough, and efficacious.

Who Would Benefit Most from Taking these Courses:


Answer the Following Questions:

  • Have/are you experiencing extreme loss: money, career, home, purpose, sleep, motivation, self-worth?
  • Are you experiencing a blockage (something that appears unexplainable and immoveable) financially or creatively?
  • Do you have intrusive (unwelcomed and uninvited) thoughts (i.e., negative thought forms)?
  • Do you have a feeling of being “stuck” in life (i.e., energetic blockages)?
  • Have you had a sudden onset of anxiety or depression for no apparent reason?
  • Do you have unexplainable, frequent mood swings?
  • Have/do you experience any type of sleep disturbance (i.e., nightmares, temporary paralysis, invasive recurring dreams, etc.)?
  • Have you ever been in any type of accident?
  • Do you have a history of hospitalizations?
  • Have you experienced a series of unexplained “accidents”?
  • Do you have a history of trauma in any form (i.e., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or sexual)?
  • Have you ever witnessed a tragedy or abusive situation?
  • Have you ever lived with a person who suffers from a physical or psychiatric illness (diagnosed or undiagnosed)?
  • Have you ever felt or heard the presence of someone when you thought you were alone?
  • Have you ever experimented with the occult (i.e., Ouija board, séances, etc.)?
  • Does your home appear cluttered or chaotic?
  • Are items in your home unexplainably disappearing and reappearing?
  • Do you live in close proximity to a cemetery, funeral parlor, crematorium, hospital, or nursing home?
  • Do you live in or near a stigmatized property; a dwelling where a death, murder, suicide, or serious illness has occurred or the belief that the property is/was haunted?
  • If you have pets, do they behave strangely in certain areas of your home?
  • Do you recognize a history of ancestral suffering (i.e., accidents, premature death, poverty, addiction, divorce, miscarriage, illness, etc.)?

If you can answer “Yes” to 3 or more of the questions above, click here.

Peace & Blessings,


About A. Leigh Edwards

As a Life Coach and Energy Practitioner, she works with spiritually-conscious, heart-centered women to teach them how to spiritually align with life-sustaining prosperity, from the inside out. Leigh is best known for helping her clients understand how to unify the physical and metaphysical realms so that they can produce visible, tangible, prosperous results in their lives.

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