Spiritual Abundance

Spiritual Abundance A New Course from Divine Goddess Coaching

The Spiritual Abundance™ Course is a unique and interactive, virtual learning experience that provides participants with the opportunity to explore what it means to fully align with Divine Presence as the source of our supply – to be open, to lean into your divinity, and co-create the spiritually-abundant life that is yours by divine right.

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What people are saying about Leigh’s work

So Much Love for Leigh!

The definition of a testimonial is a formal statement of a persons character and qualifications.  Well I am here to offer my Testimonial about A. Leigh Edwards.  I don't want this testimonial to seem formal, however it turns up the volume on her character as an amazing teacher.  She has been responsible for my spiritual awakening.  Yes, I am aware how that can sound single handily audacious in its efforts but I needed to be moved.  I had been struggling with an inner impediment that wasn't allowing me to get around myself.  Leigh helped me to move myself out of my own way.

Long talks, lots of prayer and the permission to surrender myself over and over again gave me the fortitude to sustain the shakes of this life. Leigh has a way of allowing you to see things in your own time and shares what she has been given to share with you. The information that will help you grow if you listen to her. She will spoon feed you if you need it and serve as a cushion to protect you when you fall.  Along your journey with her you may fall one, two, and even a third time but you will feel safe in her care. Her words are strong when they must be and soft when you need support.

She wants to share her gift with all who will listen.  This journey is a daily process. With her help you will learn the steps to becoming more Spiritually awakened, and not being afraid of it.  I have found this walk to being a better me most humbling.  I have learned the awesome responsibilities that is coupled with being Spiritually awakened. Leigh has taught me so much about myself and my higher consciousness.

Having Leigh on my side has made me strong, courageous, confidant and spiritually connected to this universe.  Trust me this mission or journey can be lonely and you will be fearful but the light at the end, in the middle and at the beginning is Leigh.

Thank you Leigh for your patience.  You have taught your grasshopper well.

Carolyn Player-Phillips
Honey Bath & Body


Where to begin about Leigh? When I began working with Leigh, I was in a sad, depressed, and worried place. I was worried about finances and had a house guest who way overstayed his welcome. Through Leigh teachings and, most especially her guidance, I was able, in a firm but gentle way, to have my house guest leave. With the cleansing ritual Leigh taught me, I thoroughly cleansed my home. Then I was in a very bad car accident and I plummeted into depression and confusion as I didn't understand why this happened when things were beginning to improve. Leigh taught me about the negative energy in my home that I angered. It has been 1 1/2 years since the accident and I am feeling outstandingly fantastic! I have a new job, my husband is working again, and our finances have improved. In regards to my injuries from the accident, Leigh taught me a lot about essential oils and how they help in my physically healing.

If you are looking for a person to coach you, look no further than Leigh and Divine Goddess Coaching! Leigh will assist you, through her divine guidance, teaching, and personal experiences. Leigh is very attentive to questions and always sends follow-ups to each session. She is very compassionate and understanding and I am so grateful for her coming into my life. The day I filled out the Private Coaching Assessment, I was desperate and Leigh knew this in her heart. Leigh has helped me grow so much since that day and my energy and vibration continue to grow at an accelerated rate and my dream life is beginning to take form and manifest in my physical life. Leigh is more than my coach, she is a gracious and wonderful individual who will help you in anyway she can through her teaching and experiences. In the several years I have been working with Leigh, she has become more than just my life-coach, she has become and is and will always be a part of my small inner circle of friends. I count the days until I meet her face-to-face so I can hug her and thank her in person for all she has and is and will assist me in manifesting my dream life.
Rebecca Fenner

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