What is Your Empathic Type?

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There are 10 different types of Empaths who employ different empathic abilities:

  1. Precognition: is the empathic ability to feel and know when an event (or series of events) is about to occur. This usually occurs while in a dream state or through a physically-tangible or emotional sensation in the body (this is me);
  2. Claircognizance: is the empathic ability of clear knowing; intuitive knowledge about an event, person, circumstance, or condition is known in the absence of a “logical” reason (this is me);
  3. Psychometry: is the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from inanimate objects — i.e., photographs, jewelry, clothing, physical structures, locations, etc. (this is me);
  4. Telepathy: is the empathic ability to know the unexpressed thoughts of other people, independent of the 5 “conventionally” recognized senses;
  5. Mediumship: is the empathic ability to feel, see, or hear the presence and energy of a departed soul (this is also unexpectedly me);
  6. Geomantic: is the empathic ability to feel the energetic vibrations and patterns transmitted by the earth.  Many Empaths with this ability are able to intuitively predict natural disasters before they occur;
  7. Flora: is the empathic ability to hear, feel and interpret the energy of plants;
  8. Fauna: is the empathic ability to hear, feel and interpret the energy of animals;
  9. Emotionally Receptive: is the empathic ability to emotionally feel the emotions of other’s before they are outwardly expressed. This is one of the most familiar, yet commonly misinterpreted empathic traits. It is characterized by the onset of unconscious emotions that do not appear to belong to you (at times, I resonate here too);
  10. Physically Receptive: is the empathic ability to feel the physical symptoms, of other people, in your own body.

Learning that you are an Empath, as well as what empathic abilities you have, is undeniably an incredible spiritual awakening however, more is required. You must learn how to effectively construct and protect your own energetic boundaries, in order that you thrive.

If you are ready and willing to learn this process, click here.

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